My First Blog!

Hello out there! After reading the blogs of friends, friend's friends, and friends of friend's friends I was inspired to make my own. Finally, today, I found the time to start it up. It's like an on-line diary that anyone can read, right? Kinda weird- but fun! People are so interesting and I really enjoy reading about how other moms manage their days, their kids, their responsibilities, and whatever else they want to share. So in case anyone out there wants to take a peek into our daily life- welcome to my blog!


  1. Heidi, welcome to the blogging world!
    I am so excited to be able to hear about your thoughts and ideas and all the antics that go on in such a busy household! We love to be able to keep up with you and the family - that dreaded 3000 miles away thing is such a nuisance sometimes!
    We love you!
    Abba and Lalli

  2. Thanks Lauree! I think blogging will be fun.