Two years ago today...

This date two years ago was one of the sweetest memories of my life. Oh sure, I had to go through the agony of labor and delivery that day, but just look at the reward. Eliana Israel was a blessing and a surprise. We had finally given up our dream of more children when in January of 2007 two pink lines appeared heralding her eminent arrival. Shocked, surprised, elated, we went through the next nine months until she made her grand and gentle entry into the world at a tiny 7 lbs and 3.9 oz. (a preemie sized baby by our family's standards) On that day she was welcomed into a family that had been longing for her and waiting in anticipation to meet her. Her name means "My God has answered".
Eliana is a wonderful person. She makes us all laugh everyday with her spunky attitude. That same attitude tests and tries Scotty's and my parenting skills, forcing us to stay sharp and united. She is her big brother's pet and Sunny's little tag along. Micah, in particular, is totally smitten with her and spoils her rotten. He teaches her funny little things and she is his preforming monkey, doing all types of "parlor tricks" that he has taught her. He thinks that she is hilarious and the cutest thing he's ever seen. She is eager to learn and wants to do all the things the other kids are doing. Her favorite activities at this age are playing toys, watching "toons", taking showers or baths, playing outside, riding around on Micah's shoulders, and coloring/writing/drawing. When it comes to good sleepers we are 3 for 3. Eli takes one or two good naps each day and sleeps all night in her own bed. She has a good appetite although she can be a bit of a picky eater sometimes. Her vocabulary is growing and she is talking more and more these days. Two years have gone by pretty fast since that day when I first held my little bundle. They have been a challenge and a whole lot of fun.
Every year, when any of my children's birthdays rolls around, I get a little (or a lot) sad. I usually cry a little (or a lot) the night before. I guess it is because time keeps moving us further and further from that very precious day when they were born. But I am happy, too. They are growing up to be the special people God created them to be. I love getting to be their mom and watching the miracles of their lives unfold.


  1. Heidi, you are such a wonderful Mommy! I marvel as I watch you and Scotty with your kids! All three are as blessed to have your two as their parents as you are to have them as your children.
    I could never have imagined how wonderful it is to be a grandmother - it will be quite a while before your "younger six siblings" get started. But I love being Lalli to your kids! They have stolen my heart and all of you are such a blessing to pray for as my love for each of you grows deeper and deeper in my heart every day!
    Please give Ellie an extra big hug and kiss from us to celebrate her birthday!

  2. I jsut can't believe it's been two years already...seems like just yesterday! All three are growing so fast...we miss you all terribly. Hope to get to see you sometime soon.
    Jermey & Jamie