A stitch in time

For Micah's 9th birthday I decided to make him a quilt. It was my very first time making one. Scotty and I had a great time going to different fabric stores and choosing the patches (or blocks, as real quilters call them) He remembers going with his Granny and picking out the colors and fabrics for the quilt she made him when he was a kid. His Granny is an amazing quilter and has made- I don't know how many- beautiful quilts. She has made one for each of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She has had so much joy from quilting and has wanted someone to carry on after her. I like a challenge and I sew, so I decided I would be the one to pick up the needle where Granny left off when her shoulder wouldn't let her enjoy her favorite past time anymore. I chose the simple design and Scotty and I planned the block size and overall quilt size together. This one is called an "Eye Spy" quilt. We looked for the funnest and most colorful fabrics we could find. The kids can lay on it and play I spy for hours...that is, when I finally finish making it.

After we picked out dozens of different fabrics and bought a quarter yard of each I brought them all home and washed them. Then I had to iron each piece and cut out each block. That took a day or two. Scotty helped me with the ironing and cutting and even bought me a nice rubber cutting mat and sharp wheel to make it faster and easier. Then I pieced the quilt on my sewing machine. That went fast and only took an evening. After that I sandwiched the cotton batting between the block top and the backing and pinned it like crazy. Then I basted it with lots and lots of huge stitches. Granny told me to be sure and baste it a lot so it would be easier during the quilting process. I decided to hand quilt instead of trying to do it on my machine. Granny was glad. She knew something I didn't. Hand quilting takes hours and hours. Dozens of stitches slowly turn into hundreds. Hundreds slowly become thousands. Each stitch becomes and act of love. You spend a lot of time thinking about the person you're making the quilt for. She usually takes a year to complete a quilt for someone and she does the entire thing by hand. She won't admit it, but her stitches are perfect and tiny. Mine? Not so much. But still stitched with love. From the planning to the final knot- I never knew how much work and time is involved in creating a quilt.

So a year and a half later I am still quilting away. I'm getting closer and closer to finishing this thing. Micah will be so glad when I'm done. I'll be so glad when I'm done. The craziest part of all is that I'm planning to make one for each of my girls when I finish his. I better give myself at least 2 years this time.

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  1. I hope you do better than I did. I got Kelly's done & Chris hasn't seen any work happen on the one I started for him since before we moved from Hollywood. I need to find it & finish it so I can go on the Christal, Danny & Matt.
    Nice work on yours! Hope he loves his like Kelly did. I have to repair Kelly's from all the use & washing.