My little squirrel

The baby of the family sometimes wants to be a big kid like her brother and sister. She has been asking to do school work since she was eighteen months old, so when I ordered our books for this year I added a 2 year old curriculum for her. It came with an arts & crafts and a numbers book. She enjoys having her own box of crayons and work sheets. This squirrel hat is one of her crafts. She colored the tail and I cut out the ears and then she glued them onto the headband. While I was stapling it together she went to her toy basket and dug out this little squirrel doll. She cradled it like she was the mommy squirrel. It was so cute I had to get some pics. We went outside in the crunchy leaves to take some, but Eliana does not like to have her picture taken. She never has. Now that she is old enough to tell us why I understand it is because of the flash, but even when she was just a couple of months old she would always turn her face away from the camera. Now she shakes her head no and says, "light, light" pointing at the flash. But I did manage to get these two. I love how she is holding her baby squirrel so lovingly.

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