Smooth Sailing

"Ahoy! I'm sailing! I sail!..." I just love days like today when everything goes smoothly. We have had no school issues, no bad attitudes about assignments, no slow poking, and no texts or phone calls to the principal. It has been a lovely day, so far. Now if we can just make it through chores we will be doing really great!

Not everyday goes this way. In fact, smooth sailing days are rather rare. Some days a storm comes up, rips off our sails, sinks our boat, and we are splashing around in the waves just trying to keep our faces above water until we can make it to shore. But not today. Today, even though the forecast calls for cloudy skies and rain outside, inside it is a beautiful day to home school. All attitudes are sunny and the sea is calm.

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  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who calls or texts the principal on bad days. I feel guilty bugging him at work, but some days it's just necessary!