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Watching the game.

Right now is my lunch break between teaching 1st grade handwriting and 5th grade spelling. So I thought I would post a short blog about my husband's beard :-) Never thought I'd be blogging about his beard, but...

He grew it over 4 years ago just to see what it would look like. All my life I have thought that beards were so prickly and crunchy looking and have wondered why anyone would want a mass of dry, course hair growing all around their mouth. Sorta like super-gluing a bird's nest to your chin. Needless to say I've never been a fan of facial hair. It took a little while to get used to Scotty's new addition, but eventually I did and even had to admit he looked better with a beard. It had "grown on me" so to speak. ;-)

In the time he has had that beard he has become quite fond of it. He enjoys not having to shave and somewhere along the line he decided it would be a permanent fixture on his face. A few times I have asked him to shave it off, just for a little while, so I could see his cheeks again. He has always declined. So I was happy to hear of a bet he made with a friend from work just a few weeks ago. It was suggested that Scotty, being a GT fan, would shave off his beard if UGA won, but if Tech won his Bulldog fan buddy would have to shave his mustache (which he has had for OVER 30 YEARS!) So the bet was on and the waiting began.

Three nights ago the big game came on. There were moments of hope where he thought he might get to keep his beard, but in the end all was lost- the game, the beard, and his bragging rights for another 12 months.

Off came the beard exposing his baby smooth face. I better enjoy seeing those cheeks while I can because that beard is already starting to come back.

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