Feel the heat

It seems like something is always broken or in the process of breaking, doesn't it? If a tire isn't needing to be replaced then the stove goes out, or the toilet won't stop running, or an old pipe behind the kitchen wall cracks and leaks under the floor slowly, until your sub floor is all wet and your tile starts to pop up and your lower cabinets are warping and your insurance company doesn't cover slow leaks that are hidden in walls. I guess it is all part of life- learning to take the good with the bad.

Our latest life lesson was when the weather began to get cooler and we went to turn on the new-ish furnace in our crawl space. Nothing happened. So my very handy and do-it-yourself husband figured it just needed a new ignitor since the old one crumbled in his hand. He bought one and installed it and...still nothing. An hvac man came out and gave us the bad news. We needed a new furnace.

So, after weighing all our options (and being rather chilly in the process), we decided to install a wall-mounted, blue flame gas heater. If it warms the whole house- great! If not, we will make it through this winter and then try something else.

In the first picture is the infrared heater Scotty bought at Lowe's for almost 300.00 which required a plug and a gas line. It went back to Lowe's after he found a new and better heater on Craig's list for much cheaper.

This is our new "fire place" as the kids call it. It warms the whole house and I even had to turn it down on low today cause it got a little too toasty in here. It is SO great to have heat again!

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