One day, during our 5th grade Science lesson on Rodents:The Gnawing Mammals, Micah's text book suggested that the student acquire a pet rodent of some kind to observe. (Thanks, A Beka!!) Micah thought this was an excellent idea and started a campaign to get a hamster. He appointed Sunny as his campaign manager and the two of them commenced to beg and reason with us for a week or two. We wavered and considered the cost of a cage and all the accessories which was really the main reason we were objecting.
One day we stopped at a small thrift store to browse around when lo and behold- there sat a cage stuffed full of all the things you need to make a hamster comfortable and keep it alive. The price sticker of $5.00 was just too good to pass up. After calling dad and texting him a picture of his find, Micah walked out of there one happy boy. Scotty took Micah and Sunny to Petsmart that evening and came home with not one, but TWO hamsters.

They are cute little balls of fur, but they bite which is a big bummer. Sunny wants to hold them so much. As is normal with kids, Micah lost interest in them after the novelty wore off and Sunny has become their main care giver, advocate, and mother. She watches over them and keeps their food and water full. She loves to get them out and let them walk around in a box or in their hamster ball (which was included in the $5.00 cage!). After suffering five or six hamster bites on her fingers Scotty brought her home a pair of thick work gloves that she now wears because she just can't resist...she has to hold "Fat-man Piggy-cheeks" and "Fluffy".

Our gnawing rodents have provided hours of enjoyment. Even Scotty has grown a little fond of them despite the fact that he ends up being the one to clean out their cage lately. And just think- it all started with a science lesson. (Thanks, again, A Beka!!)

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