Potty training and a trampoline

That's what is going on around here. At two years and three months Eliana is about to master this potty training thing. We take a fairly laid back approach, talking about using the potty for a few months, thereby easing the trainee into the idea. Then, when the time is right (which is now) we put the little potty right out in the living room since that is where most of the action takes place at our house. The trainee goes bottomless for a week or two so that they can easily get on the potty when the urge hits them. So far Eli is doing well and earns a mini m&m each time she makes a deposit. However, she has a recent aversion to going number 2 and cries at the mention of it, even though it pays double m&m's. We have been through this before with our previous trainees. Pretty soon she will be pottying all by herself and even wearing big girl panties. (I hope!)

The other bit of excitement at our house is the new addition to our backyard. Our best friends are moving and giving us their trampoline! They bought it a couple of years ago and then their children suddenly turned into teenagers who are too big and too cool for it. This is great news to my children. The people whose backyard meets ours have one, so Micah and Sunny often see other kids jumping on it and having fun. This one has safety nets so even Eliana will be able to play. Good times are ahead!

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  1. Oh Heidi, that is exciting news. Your kids are going to love the trampoline. It has to be my kids' favorite outdoor toy, and probably their favorite toy overall. They all love it, and that is one thing I do not regret getting. Free is even better!!!