Do you smell hair burning?

We really love our wall mounted heater that I blogged about before. It is a great little efficient appliance that has kept us nice and toasty this winter. The only problem with it is that it gets really hot to the touch! So far my two year old daughter and niece have touched it and learned the hard way what HOT! means. A month or so ago my baby even backed up too close to it and singed a good bit of her already thin and wispy hair. Then, today, just as her hair was starting to grow back, she did it again and this time it was an even worse singe than before. So I got out my comb and scissors and gave her a short bob cut. It looks cute! But I cut off over an inch and it is very short now. I guess if she singes it again we will be looking at a buzz cut for her. :-) Enjoy the following BEFORE and AFTER pics.

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