The Sound of Silence

Sore throats and sinus congestion have made for a peaceful, quiet morning around here. This house has been full of children for the past week and a half because my sister had her baby and I have been picking up her older kids in the mornings and homeschooling them at my house so she can rest and recover and focus on her newborn. Also, our dad flew in to see his ninth grandchild and has been staying with us. So this house has been full, noisy, and busy lately. However, today my dad is working on some projects for a friend and we woke up with sore throats, sinus pain, and congestion which are not good things to expose the siblings of a 2 week old baby to. So my nieces and nephew are staying home today. My classroom is empty for now, since I sent my children back to bed to let them sleep in. It is so peaceful and serene. The only sound is the pitter-patter of the rain falling outside. Although my sinuses ache and my throat is raw, I am enjoying this morning for all it's worth!

This morning- All is quiet.

Yesterday- Working hard so they could go outside and jump on the trampoline. Not pictured: The two year olds who slap, push, bite, snatch, squeal, and generally don't get along. But we're working on it!

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