I've Got To Move It, Move It

People who like to exercise baffle my mind. Even when I was a kid I did not like to get hot and sweaty. Things I did not like to do included relay races at Awana, walking home from school everyday, p.e. class (especially when it took place outside in the hot sun), running, and yard work. I don't think it is the actual moving about that was so bad because I loved to go swimming. I think I just hated to get hot and sweaty. Still do! Okay, so I guess I'm not an out doors type of girl and I never have been.

Recently I have begun jogging for 15 minutes twice per day. At first I didn't like it and I was checking the timer every 30 seconds. But the more I do it the less I dread it. My sister-in-law loaned me her little exercise trampoline and that is what I have been jogging on. It is supposed to be way better for your joints and it is even a little fun. I'm starting slow as I try to make friends with exercise. It is so good and healthy and I feel better afterwards. Who knows, maybe one day I'll even venture outside and find other ways to get my cardio on. Baby steps...

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