We're back at it today, working hard in our schoolroom. Only 3 more weeks left until summer break! Now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel we're unstoppable! The children have worked hard this year, learned a lot, and are ready to have a nice break and then move up to the next grade. Eliana is ready for them to start their summer break, too, so she will have someone to play with all day long. It's getting harder to keep her occupied while bubba and sissy finish up their work.

During this time of year we are counting down the days in the Biblical Feast of Weeks. It is so hard to believe we are almost half way to Pentecost already! Time has been slipping by so quickly. It seems like we just started the month of April, but somehow it is already more than half over. Hopefully the summer will be a little more lazy and last a little longer. Hopefully.

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