Our Crew at the Zoo

My mom, my sister, and I packed up a picnic lunch and took all nine kids to the zoo. We had such a fun and tiring day. The only exhibits we missed were the tigers and the pandas, but we got to see all manner of wildlife and even got to pet and brush some goats and sheep! We had two 10 year olds, one 8 year old, one 7 year old, one 4 year old, two 2 year olds, one 1 year old, and one newborn. They were all worn out by the time we left. I love fun days like this!


  1. And don't forget to count your little belly-bean! :) We had a great time. I loved the tiny monkey family with the baby...and the foot massage chairs!

  2. Great pictures! I need to renew our annual family pass. We love the zoo and the weather is perfect for a trip this week! Thanks for the reminder :-)