Saying "Good bye" :-(

Nothing was better than visiting cousins when I was growing up! I had a few cousins close to my age on both sides of the family and none of them lived in the same state as we did, so getting together was a rare and special event. In fact, it was way more exciting than birthdays or any holiday (to me). We would play and play- squeezing every moment of fun out of our visits- knowing it would be way too long before we would see each other again. Then, when the sad moment came to say good bye, it was so hard to do.

My children are blessed to have their cousins living right down the street. Even then, they get sad when it's time to go home. But this past weekend Sunny got a taste of a truly difficult good bye. Her second cousin was in town. They are only months apart in age and had great fun together. But, of course, the visit was too short and before we knew it, it was over. I know exactly how they felt. Watching them hug and try to plan for the next visit brought back all those memories of not wanting to let a dearly loved cousin and true friend go. It's so speacial to have each other and now they can look forward to future adventures- matching outfits and all!

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