The fun so far

I have this friend who happens to be my best friend. We've both been a little bored now that school is out- cause once the laundry is done and the groceries are put away and the house is clean(ish- in my case)- then what else is there to do?? So one day last week we faced the heat and went to the zoo. The kids enjoyed spending all day with the animals and so did we. Her 12 year old, who happens to be man-sized already, pushed the stroller for me all day, patiently waiting for a two year old who climbed in and out a good bit. Not having to push the stroller made the zoo trip much more enjoyable for me! And he never complained once. What a gentleman! Plus we had lunch at the Varsity.
This week we planned another fun-filled day. A while back her husband got a grill with a smoker on it and since then she has smoked up some delicious meats. Yesterday, we decided to get together and smoke some turkeys and try our hand at a dipping sauce recipe. Despite the fact that it was 100 degrees outside and we were babysitting a smokey hot grill and withering in the humidity, we enjoyed ourselves. Really, we've been through a lot together and we usually make the best of it and laugh our way through the toughest of times. Therefore a little scorching southern heat wasn't gonna stop us from having fun. She is the kind of friend who goes out and buys a big baby pool and a freezer full of popsicles for my kids cause she wants them to have fun and not be hot and just because she loves them a lot. Water splashed, popsicles drizzled, ice melted, and savory smoke blew across the sky all afternoon. They swam for hours and even her big kids got in that baby pool! Finally, a thunderstorm rolled in and cooled off the evening as we perfected our dipping sauce recipe in the air conditioned kitchen while her husband took over the turkey babysitting job. They turned out juicy and delicious. It was a successful day of good memories. I hope there are more to come as these hot, lazy days roll by.


Feelin' hot, hot, hot

When the weather got chilly last winter we turned on the heat only to discover that it was broken. When the weather got warm this spring we turned on the a/c only to discover that it, too, was broken. Fans and a couple of small window units have been getting us through so far, but now the heat is getting for real. It will be in the mid 90's this week with an index over 100. Now we've gotta get serious! Our entire heating and cooling system has to be replaced including all the duct work- since it was so old and energy inefficient (and parts had even fallen down into the crawl space!) This is gonna be quite a summer as we try to beat the heat while looking for the right company to do the job and figuring out our budget. In the meantime we've added a 3rd window unit and, if necessary, I am prepared to freeze washcloths and fill feet soaking buckets with cold ice water. Hey, a pregnant girl's gotta do what she's gotta do! At this point I am very thankful for an ice maker, window units, and our fans. ;-)


What a day!

My sister and I decided to take the kids to lunch and to play at the park today. It was fun, but SO hot outside! Just as I was contemplating packing up and heading home my son informed me that he accidentally locked my keys in the van while getting his ball and glove. I had to call Scotty who had to leave work early and drive 45 minutes to rescue us. Then, as he was turning into the park, he got pulled over and issued a ticket for "failing to yield". Dang it!


Oldest Boy

My son turned 11 last week and I wasn't ready. He is getting way to close to teenage hood for my liking. But we celebrated anyway, because we sure are grateful for his life!

This boy is our only son (so far) and the sweetest kid ever. He is a loving and protective brother to his younger sisters, a talented artist, and his imagination knows no limits. He's laid back as the day is long, doesn't have a mean or jealous bone in his body, and has never met a stranger. He is truthful, kind-hearted, smart, and brave.

Some of his favorite things to do are ride bikes, build forts, make things out of discard, swim, draw, climb trees, and go on varying adventures of his own creation. Least favorite activities are chores and schoolwork. He loves the beach and hates tomatoes. He loves his grandparents and will talk their ears off. He loves his cousins and especially his "mud bud". He loves our elderly next door neighbor and visits her several times per week just to chat and give her a hug.

He is our firstborn blessing. Not that my son is perfect, because he sure isn't, but he is proof that children are a gift from YHVH (the LORD).

The HIGHLIGHT of his 11th birthday was getting to order off the adult menu when we took him out to eat since the kid's menu was for 10 and under.

Magic Beans - an update

For anyone having gallbladder issues I highly recommend eating beans. Eat all the beans you can stand to shovel down your gullet. Since my attack I have had absolutely no pain or problems! They prescribed me some strong pain meds and told me to eat a low to NO fat diet which would hold the attacks at bay until they could decide if I needed surgery. Taking the pain pills made me nervous since I am only just entering my second trimester. And my diet already contains only healthy fats which I feel are necessary and important. So I tried the bean eating instead and it worked better than great! In fact, I have even cut back from about 5 servings per day to only 1 or 2 and still I feel fine. The low fat diet puts a band-aid on the gallbladder, but the beans heal it and make it all better. No need for surgery on a healthy gallbladder!! I owe a BIG THANKS to my sister for finding out about the bean cure and passing it on to me!

P.S. To make it easier I have made chili, butter beans with beef brisket, and other delicious forms of beans instead of just eating them plain. Just get them down however you can!

What a relief!

First ultra-sound at 7 weeks along

When I was in the ER for my gallbladder they did an ultra-sound. I told the lady I was 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant and asked if she was going to check on my baby and she told me she was, but couldn't tell me anything. She said the doctor would give me the results and she wasn't allowed to talk about anything she might see. That was fine with me as long as I got the info from someone. The u/s wasn't fun because I was in so much pain and lying on my back made it much worse. After checking on all my guts she began the u/s on my baby. She looked for quite some time and then asked if I had been bleeding. I hadn't and thought that was a strange question. She continued looking until I had to vomit from the pain and she asked me to empty my bladder while I was in the restroom because she needed to do an internal u/s as well. I wondered why, but didn't ask because I knew she wouldn't tell me anyway. The internal took some time and she asked if my OB had done an u/s on me yet. They had at 7 weeks and everything was fine then. These questions were unsettling and even in my intense pain I knew I wanted answers.

After some more suffering in my little room the doctor finally came in to tell me I had gallstones. I asked about my baby and he told me he didn't know anything since he never even looked at that portion of the u/s results. He told me he had no reason to believe that my gallstones would affect my baby. He ordered morphine through my IV and left. I thought he would surely come back with the info I had asked for, but he never did. It took 3 doses of pain meds through my IV to begin to ease the pain somewhat and at 2:30 a.m. we were finally on our way home. I never got any answers about my baby.

A few days later, when my bean eating was in full effect and my pain was all gone, I couldn't shake the feeling of worry. Why had that tech asked those strange questions? My next OB appt wasn't for 4 weeks and I didn't want to wait that long to find out if my baby was ok. I called the ER and they told me I could go to the hospital's records dept and get the results of my test. So I did. When the clerk handed me my 2 page u/s report I read the finest words I could've hoped for. It said, " Single living intrauterine fetus is noted in variable presentation with fetal heart rate 150 to 167 beats per minute." It went on to tell the position of a healthy placenta and normal amount of fluid and measurements of the baby. What a huge relief! I still don't know why that lady asked those serious questions, but it sure is good to know the little one is doing fine in there!