The fun so far

I have this friend who happens to be my best friend. We've both been a little bored now that school is out- cause once the laundry is done and the groceries are put away and the house is clean(ish- in my case)- then what else is there to do?? So one day last week we faced the heat and went to the zoo. The kids enjoyed spending all day with the animals and so did we. Her 12 year old, who happens to be man-sized already, pushed the stroller for me all day, patiently waiting for a two year old who climbed in and out a good bit. Not having to push the stroller made the zoo trip much more enjoyable for me! And he never complained once. What a gentleman! Plus we had lunch at the Varsity.
This week we planned another fun-filled day. A while back her husband got a grill with a smoker on it and since then she has smoked up some delicious meats. Yesterday, we decided to get together and smoke some turkeys and try our hand at a dipping sauce recipe. Despite the fact that it was 100 degrees outside and we were babysitting a smokey hot grill and withering in the humidity, we enjoyed ourselves. Really, we've been through a lot together and we usually make the best of it and laugh our way through the toughest of times. Therefore a little scorching southern heat wasn't gonna stop us from having fun. She is the kind of friend who goes out and buys a big baby pool and a freezer full of popsicles for my kids cause she wants them to have fun and not be hot and just because she loves them a lot. Water splashed, popsicles drizzled, ice melted, and savory smoke blew across the sky all afternoon. They swam for hours and even her big kids got in that baby pool! Finally, a thunderstorm rolled in and cooled off the evening as we perfected our dipping sauce recipe in the air conditioned kitchen while her husband took over the turkey babysitting job. They turned out juicy and delicious. It was a successful day of good memories. I hope there are more to come as these hot, lazy days roll by.

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