Magic Beans - an update

For anyone having gallbladder issues I highly recommend eating beans. Eat all the beans you can stand to shovel down your gullet. Since my attack I have had absolutely no pain or problems! They prescribed me some strong pain meds and told me to eat a low to NO fat diet which would hold the attacks at bay until they could decide if I needed surgery. Taking the pain pills made me nervous since I am only just entering my second trimester. And my diet already contains only healthy fats which I feel are necessary and important. So I tried the bean eating instead and it worked better than great! In fact, I have even cut back from about 5 servings per day to only 1 or 2 and still I feel fine. The low fat diet puts a band-aid on the gallbladder, but the beans heal it and make it all better. No need for surgery on a healthy gallbladder!! I owe a BIG THANKS to my sister for finding out about the bean cure and passing it on to me!

P.S. To make it easier I have made chili, butter beans with beef brisket, and other delicious forms of beans instead of just eating them plain. Just get them down however you can!

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