Oldest Boy

My son turned 11 last week and I wasn't ready. He is getting way to close to teenage hood for my liking. But we celebrated anyway, because we sure are grateful for his life!

This boy is our only son (so far) and the sweetest kid ever. He is a loving and protective brother to his younger sisters, a talented artist, and his imagination knows no limits. He's laid back as the day is long, doesn't have a mean or jealous bone in his body, and has never met a stranger. He is truthful, kind-hearted, smart, and brave.

Some of his favorite things to do are ride bikes, build forts, make things out of discard, swim, draw, climb trees, and go on varying adventures of his own creation. Least favorite activities are chores and schoolwork. He loves the beach and hates tomatoes. He loves his grandparents and will talk their ears off. He loves his cousins and especially his "mud bud". He loves our elderly next door neighbor and visits her several times per week just to chat and give her a hug.

He is our firstborn blessing. Not that my son is perfect, because he sure isn't, but he is proof that children are a gift from YHVH (the LORD).

The HIGHLIGHT of his 11th birthday was getting to order off the adult menu when we took him out to eat since the kid's menu was for 10 and under.


  1. Heidi, he is truly a precious one! You and Scotty have done well raising him! I certainly would love for my boys to turn out like him.

  2. Thanks, Jamie! What a compliment! :-)