What a relief!

First ultra-sound at 7 weeks along

When I was in the ER for my gallbladder they did an ultra-sound. I told the lady I was 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant and asked if she was going to check on my baby and she told me she was, but couldn't tell me anything. She said the doctor would give me the results and she wasn't allowed to talk about anything she might see. That was fine with me as long as I got the info from someone. The u/s wasn't fun because I was in so much pain and lying on my back made it much worse. After checking on all my guts she began the u/s on my baby. She looked for quite some time and then asked if I had been bleeding. I hadn't and thought that was a strange question. She continued looking until I had to vomit from the pain and she asked me to empty my bladder while I was in the restroom because she needed to do an internal u/s as well. I wondered why, but didn't ask because I knew she wouldn't tell me anyway. The internal took some time and she asked if my OB had done an u/s on me yet. They had at 7 weeks and everything was fine then. These questions were unsettling and even in my intense pain I knew I wanted answers.

After some more suffering in my little room the doctor finally came in to tell me I had gallstones. I asked about my baby and he told me he didn't know anything since he never even looked at that portion of the u/s results. He told me he had no reason to believe that my gallstones would affect my baby. He ordered morphine through my IV and left. I thought he would surely come back with the info I had asked for, but he never did. It took 3 doses of pain meds through my IV to begin to ease the pain somewhat and at 2:30 a.m. we were finally on our way home. I never got any answers about my baby.

A few days later, when my bean eating was in full effect and my pain was all gone, I couldn't shake the feeling of worry. Why had that tech asked those strange questions? My next OB appt wasn't for 4 weeks and I didn't want to wait that long to find out if my baby was ok. I called the ER and they told me I could go to the hospital's records dept and get the results of my test. So I did. When the clerk handed me my 2 page u/s report I read the finest words I could've hoped for. It said, " Single living intrauterine fetus is noted in variable presentation with fetal heart rate 150 to 167 beats per minute." It went on to tell the position of a healthy placenta and normal amount of fluid and measurements of the baby. What a huge relief! I still don't know why that lady asked those serious questions, but it sure is good to know the little one is doing fine in there!

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  1. such good news! I'm glad the beans worked...Gwen is quite the doctor I believe! We can't wait to meet your little one. Do you know yet what you are having or do you find out? Miss you guys! Tell Micah happy birthday for us! Such a big guy! Sarah