Monday was our 13th wedding anniversary. We kicked off the day with a good old fashioned 3 hour glucose test at my doctor's office where I had to drink 10 oz. of sugar syrup and have blood drawn from my arms 4 times. It wasn't fun, but my precious husband went with me and waited the whole darn time, holding my hand for each blood draw. After that we had lunch at home and just hung out while the 2 year old napped. At 5:00 we got to drop our children off at my mom's house so we could go out on a date! This is a rare treat. We really couldn't think of anything fabulous to do and there was a crazy thunderstorm going on that night, so we just wandered around in Target and a couple other stores until we got hungry for dinner. Then we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant where we each ordered our favorite dish. It was nice just taking our time eating and talking. After that we picked up the kids who had a great time at their grandparent's house. When they went to bed we did our anniversary tradition of looking through our wedding album. Then we remembered that we hadn't taken a picture. We always take a picture on our anniversary. So, even though we were already in our pajamas, we snapped a few shots. Nothing fancy, just a record of what we looked like this year. It was a low key kinda celebration, but relaxing and nice for Scotty to be off work for the day. And now it is back to real life for the rest of the week.

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