Drumroll, please....

And Mippi came too!
Yesterday morning we went to our much anticipated ultra-sound. Our little baby is healthy and happy and wiggly and sweet. As the tech measured the brain and recorded the heart rate, looked for the 4 chambers of the heart and took the length of the leg and arm bones, Scotty and I were watching closely. We smiled and "Ahhh"ed at our little miracle. But mostly we squinted and concentrated, trying to catch a glimpse of the most important part we came to see: between the legs! Would we see something there or wouldn't we?? At first I thought maybe it was a girl because every time that wiggly baby flipped around and flashed it's bottom end I didn't see anything there. But then we caught a glimpse and there was no doubt!

It is a BOY!!!


  1. Congratulations Heidi and family! I feel so behind after being away two weeks!!