Naming Baby

We make a pretty good team in the game of life, the challenge of parenting, or whatever else we set our minds to. So why do the Mr. and I have such a difficult time naming our offspring? The firstborn son was 3 days old before we were forced to settle on a name. They would not let us leave the hospital with the baby until the birth certificate was officially filled out. My sister ended up selecting his name from our (short) list of agreed upon faves. Then, our second born was named at birth and then re-named at 2 weeks old. Number 3 was the only one who had her name while still in the womb and it was so nice! But here we are again, struggling in a sea of names, desperately searching for the one. It's like the perfect name is in the back of my mind and I just can't make it come to me. The criteria is stiff and we might be a little picky. But this is a major decision! A little pickiness is in order.

1. First, common names are ruled out off the bat.
2. Second, trendy names are a definite no-no. So if a name has been in the top 10 in the last 5 years it will not be considered.
3. Of further importance: the meaning. It has to be good. For example, if the name means "obnoxious one" or "bringer of intense pain and sorrow" or "chronic liar" or "son of Lucifer" well, that's just not good.
4. It must also go well with the middle name- which was a no brainer since we decided to carry on Scotty and his dad's middle name- Daniel. So, like Manuel Daniel would be a no (not that we would consider Manuel in the first place)
5. Also, it can't be a fake, weird, or made up name like Huntwell or Kensingdell or Peyxton.
6. No one likes a copycat, so "stealing" a friend or relative's recently selected baby name is out. (However, flattering a friend or relative by naming the child after them is o.k.)
7. Associations. Must a expound on this one? Okay, for example: let's say your husband coached a soccer team with a child who was so exasperating that it made the coach want to snap off his pencil in his own eye socket at every practice, game, and even on picture day. That child's name will most likely get a thumbs down from the hubs.
8. Finally, and most dauntingly, we must both agree that we like, or better yet, LOVE the name. This is not easy since we have very different taste. His idea of a great name is usually my idea of lame. And he scrunches his nose at most of my suggestions.


We've really got our work cut out for us. The little fella is too important to pick just any old name. So, even though I have already been through the 3 name books we own, plus at least 4 more from the local library, plus the entire Bible (twice) the search must go on!
P.S. Would you believe we had a girl's name already picked out this time?
P.S.S. Spell check picked up the 3 fake, made up names. hee-hee-hee

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  1. What about Fritz Fitz?
    ha ha!
    and I like it that the name must pass spell check. Totally agree with that one. Iame naught uh phan uv kreeaightiv spellingh.