Coming Soon: Camping Season!! :-)

After a loooong, booooring, hooooooot summer we are SO READY for the fall and our upcoming camping trips! YAY!! In my mind I am already planning and packing.

First, we are going for the weekend with family. There is a really great state park that is not too far from where we live and has lots to do. We went there last year and had a great time. Lots of campfire laughs, each family makes a delicious meal, and we all leave with happy memories. Sometimes a giant tree might even get cut down by our overly zealous guys, who are overcome by the call of the woods and the feeling of campy survival, that lands in the middle of one of our campsites and crushes a few things yet spares the lives of all. The tree might even rip a tent. But hey- you can never have enough fire wood! And we all survived. That is the important part. This will be our first time camping in our "new" pop-up camper. Okay, so it is 14 years old, but it is new to us :-) Besides having fun with family and the kids having a blast with their beloved cousins, this trip will give us a chance to get a feel for our camper and work out all the wrinkles before our BIG camping trip---- Sukkot 2010!!

This is an 8 day adventure with our congregation of loved ones from North Carolina. We all get together to celebrate the Biblical feast of Tabernacles/Booths. This will be our 5th year participating in the fun and our 4th year with BondServant Ministries. They host a week of great teachings, music, dancing, home cooked meals, warm friendship, and so much more. This feast is a blessing beyond what words can explain. For all the planning it takes to camp for over a week, it is soooo worth it! In fact, planning, packing, and making our offering basket (each family brings a big basket of snacks, foods, and treats to share with everyone throughout the week) is all part of the fun and I wouldn't want it any other way. And if the anticipation is big for the adults, you cannot imagine how excited our kids are. They absolutely LOVE sukkot!!

More blessed and more welcomed than the cooling weather and crunchy leaves of fall are the feasts of YHVH (the LORD) which He has given to His people to bless them and teach them about Himself.

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