Today's post is just to brag on my husband. He's not perfect or anything, but he sure does have a lot of good qualities that I admire. He is never lazy when it comes to providing for our family. He never complains about having to get up early and go to work, even though he rarely gets enough sleep and has to work ten hours a day, often in unbearable heat or chilling cold. On his day off he cuts the grass, deals with outdoor issues like treating the dogs and grass for fleas and ticks, moving the chicken tractor around, or having the tires changed on my van. He is always meeting needs and never complaining or keeping count of all he has done for others. We needed a place to spread out and have our school day, so he enclosed the back porch and made us a schoolroom. Our central heat and A/C went out, so he took a week off work and instead of going on vacation or relaxing around the house has been in the ridiculous heat building a deck in trade for a brand new system. If our elderly neighbor has a need he is there to help her, day or night, no matter what. She often declares what a blessing he is to her, making her feel safe and cared for. He is always willing to stop by the grocery store on his way home from work to pick up whatever we may need just to save me from having to take the whole crew with me. Even though he may not seem very compassionate on the outside, whenever anyone gets sick or has to have a prescription filled he is usually the one to take them to the doctor. He sits and waits, and goes to pick up the required medicine. He has gone to every single OB appointment I have ever had with all 4 pregnancies- just because he wants to. And when the babies are born he wakes up with newborn and me in the night just to admire the little one or make sure we don't need anything before going back to sleep. Speaking of waking up in the night- he does that, too, if the dogs are barking or if a child gets up for any reason he is the first one to check things out and take care of any needs. His sense of humor keeps me laughing. He is a kind dad, slow to get angry, and one of the most patient people ever born on this earth. He is a fun dad which sometimes gets him in trouble because he is just as wild as they are and tends to get them even more rowdy. But to them it is awesome and they will remember all their lives how dad wrestled with them and did flips on the trampoline. No, he isn't perfect, but it is a blessing to have such a husband and I just had to brag.

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  1. Ohhh this just brought a little whimper to me...how very sweet to write about your husband and how blessed a family you have!