End of the Rope

We are a family of messy people. :-( Unfortunately. Neither myself or my husband kept our rooms clean as children, nor did we pick up after ourselves. Neither of us have ever been neat and tidy. This has always been a huge burden to me. Oh how I longed to have a lovely and tidy room, to be organized and perfect like my brother, to make my mom proud with my neatness (or at least avoid infuriating her and kindling her rage with my sloppiness). It just didn't seem to be in me. No matter how much I wanted to be a tidy person and no matter how much effort I put forth, it just wasn't happening. It would take all day to clean my horrific room and then only minutes to mess it back up. This has been my life long struggle. And, although I seem to be improving with age, I still deal with the beast.

The fact is, a little clutter doesn't really bother me, personally. Now it definitely bothers me for others to see my clutter. But a dust bunny here and there, a pile of mail, laundry waiting to be put away, a pair of flip flops by the couch, some one's empty glass on the end table.....while these things might drive the average person mad, I (and everyone who lives here) hardly notice them if at all. Why? Why? Why?

Is it motivation that we lack? Or something in our DNA? Are we all really just lazy bums? What is the deal??!!

Now Scotty and I may be comfortable with some clutter, but our children have taken it to a whole new level.

While a bit of clutter doesn't bother me, a mess does. A mess makes me CRAZY and there are always many messes all over the house. The kitchen is a constant struggle. From crumbs on the floor to the bread and peanut butter being left open and out all the time- I could scream!! It seems the second generation of "Messies" are twice as bad as the first! They leave drawers and cabinets open, don't flush the toilet, leave their dirty clothes all over the house and their toys and shoes in the van. I could go on and on... It is just beyond frustrating! Picking up after them is not going to help them OR be good for my sanity. How will they learn?? How will I teach them?? I have been trying since they were two!!

Everything I can think of has been implemented around here -from charts to rewards and punishments of every kind. Sometimes something seems to be working for a while, but it all fails in the end. These people live like animals and I'm ready to build a pen for them in the backyard!

It's time for the mess to go! I'll never stop trying to overcome it! Now I'm off to google for some more help....more ideas....more advice....more things to try.......anything!!!!


  1. So, I guess you don't want to babysit Cate for a few hours? She's a professional disorganizer. :)

    Know what? We should plan a cleaning day at each other's houses once a month. Like a Spring Cleaning/deep cleaning day.

    The day before, the hostess can make her brood pick up, and the visiting team can bring their supplies. I bet the kids would be way more motivated if their cousins were in on the action and we made it fun. We could pair off the girls and the boys in teams, and give them a chore list, and set the timer for 30 minutes. We could order pizza for lunch, and the hostess could tackle a 30 minute project while the guest Mom watches the little ones, or we could fold laundry together.
    My fridge needs to be cleaned out like nobody's business. What do you think? It would be called "Home Ec" if it happens during school hours. ;)
    ♥ Aunt G

  2. I'm catching up on your blog because I've been using Google reader, and for some reason I forgot to add your blog to it. I can soooo identity with this post. I keep thinking that when they get older things will change, but then I worry that I am allowing them to learn bad habits. I enjoyed both of your tips the other day, and I will be trying them out.
    I think it boils down to Kingdom stuff. Will our clutter matter in Kingdom terms, or is their training in faith more important? We're focusing on those things right now. I kind of think that relationship building and Godly training is more important. It is clear from the time I spent with you guys the other day that you are focusing on the right things. It felt so good to feel "normal" with friends.