First day of School!

1 down. 179 to go.

School days keep us busy, busy, busy around here. Over the next 36 weeks we will memorize scripture, learn more about the Bible, do math, science, seat work, history, art projects, experiments, spell, take tests and quizzes, play games, go on field trips, read lots of books, review, visit the library, write, and be very creative. Hopefully it will all be done in an orderly fashion. If we don't have a schedule we don't get as much done and it is way less fun for everyone. Today was the start of our academic year.

My preschooler made a book all about herself. It has her picture on the front and her hand and foot prints inside, along with her current height and weight. She also colored pictures and joined in big sister's phonics lesson with enthusiasm. She had a very good day.

My second grader adapted to her new schedule with a positive attitude, used her best cursive handwriting, and finished all of her lessons and seat work quickly. She had been nervous about starting a new grade, but now she is looking forward to this year. She had a wonderful day.

My sixth grader frustrated both of us with his slowness and gloomy attitude. This really surprised me because he had been so looking forward to starting school. He has a big desk all to himself this year and we have done some modifications to his curriculum which give him more independence. The independence thing didn't work out so well today. Hopefully, he will do better as we go along. His day wasn't awesome, but it ended well.

Now that starting school is accomplished we will pick up some momentum and just keep going strong, lesson after lesson. Time will probably seem to pass by much faster as we look forward to cooler weather, camping trips, and then the birth of our new baby! My goal is to pre-plan and strategize so that this event doesn't throw us in to total chaos and bring our well oiled school machine to a screeching hault. 2010/2011 school year- Let the fun begin!!

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  1. I love to play with buttons! Thanks for reminding me...I need to add a little jar of buttons to Cate's school activity drawer. She can string them onto a thin ribbon.

    Looking forward to a great year! I think you'll be fine after the baby comes, especially if they're on a good schedule.
    If there's room in your classroom, I could come down for a week or so and 'substitute' teach after the baby comes so you can rest and recuperate. But I'd have to bring my students with me. :)

    ♥ G