A Potty Training Tale

Last winter, when my baby was not yet 2 and a half, the plan to begin potty training in the spring sounded good. We would be nearing the end of the school year and the days would be warmer- perfect for our bottomless method where the trainee spends all day in only a shirt or dress. She would be nearing 2 and a half and everything would work out fine. I was confident in my plan and hadn't really mentioned it out loud. It was settled in my mind and I had put it on my mental "to do" list.

But my 7 year old had other ideas. She decided in her heart that it was time for her sister to use the potty. So, after school, she started taking the baby into my son's room where we had a tv/vcr hooked up for them to watch videos. Her brilliant plan was to put the baby on her potty, juice cup in hand, and play "Once Upon a Potty" for her over and over everyday. It had been my older daughter's favorite training film. When I found out this was going on I smiled at the big sister's sweet efforts to help her sibling, but doubted her plan would work and hoped it wouldn't interfere with the "real deal" when springtime came.

However, to my great surprise- it actually worked! Maybe it was the low pressure approach. Or maybe it was that the baby wanted to be like her big sis. Whatever it was, I was so glad and so proud of my girls! We sorta took over the process and brought the potty out into the main living area and started rewarding her for using it at that point, but to this day my big girl gets all the credit for potty training her baby sister. In fact, this trainee was even sleeping through naps and all night in panties within only a month or two. She has been our easiest and fastest success so far. It worked out even better than I could've planned and my girls have a special bond and a good story they will be able to tell their children some day. :-)

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  1. when you want to bring 'big sister' over to hang out with "sister girl" on the potty for a week or two? =)