Bummer of a Summer

This summer was a bummer. There were no trips or vacation get aways. No beach fun, no ocean waves to replenish the soul. No sand castles, or sunburns, or seashells. Just these 4 walls and stifling heat. All summer the heat held us captive. Scotty stayed busy at work with extra training and over-time, so we didn't even get to see much of him during our break from school.

On the bright side, a new member of our family has been forming and growing all summer long. We got to find out it is a baby boy and have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy so far. No one went hungry. No serious injuries or illnesses plagued us. And at least Scotty has a job to go to, and the option of over-time which gets us through the tight times.

Focusing on and being thankful for the blessings is the only way to get through the crumby times of life. And we have so much to be grateful for!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry about your bummy summer. :(
    This year, fall and winter will be your best times! Baby is on the way, and the camper will be great fun for you guys for your fall camping trips.

    Scotty's working all the extra time to get air going for you guys, right? That will be totally worth it come next summer.

    Can't wait to meet your son!
    ♥ Aunt G