Fancy Nails

Today we went to the salon to have the birthday girl's nails painted for her party. She absolutely loves to have them painted, but the polish never lasts very long (sometimes not even an hour before it has chips and scrapes in it). Having them painted "professionally" seemed like a good plan since their polish stays on for days. She felt like such a big girl and was so excited about this trip!

Sitting very still admiring the perfect pink she selected.

The lady added sparkles!

Waiting for them to dry.

Waiting is hard!

This purple light helps them dry better.
For many years my 8 year old has been a nail biter. She has been wanting to break the habit, but usually does it without thinking while her mind is on something else. About 2 months ago I told her that if she could conquer her nail biting by her little sister's birthday that she would get to have her nails painted at the salon, too. Since she and her younger sister have a jealous rivalry thing going I was hoping this would do the trick...and it did! She is so proud of herself for kicking that bad habit and having nice fingernails. She selected a lovely pink and then the lady added silver sparkles on top!

My non-nail biter! SO proud of her!
And the ever patient big brother waits on the couch wishing he had brought some masculine toy to play with. He is a sweet boy and even took some pictures for me. We were only in there for about 20 minutes altogether, but waiting is still hard...especially for a boy in a nail salon.

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