All this week the kids and I have been enjoying smoothies. They are cold and refreshing and very delicious- with NO sugar added! My two year old cannot get enough and often goes around finishing off everyone else's glasses.

So what is in these smoothies? Well, they vary a little, depending on what fruit is in the house, but the typical recipe is:

banana or 2

about a half cup of raw kefir (or milk or yogurt)

a drizzle of o.j.

a big hand full or 2 of fresh organic baby spinach leaves

*blend until very smooth and spinach specks disappear- about 1 or 2 minutes*

frozen pineapple chunks

frozen strawberries

frozen blueberries

*blend until smooth*

I don't measure anything- just eyeball it according to how many people will be served.

One day this week I had 2 peaches that were a little past their prime. No one wanted them so I just threw them in the blender with our morning smoothie and they added a wonderful peachy flavor. The kids even noticed and commented. Also, when bananas start to get bruised or freckly and undesirable they are even more perfect for smoothies. You can peel and freeze them especially for smoothie making.

This has been a great way to get raw fruits and leafy greens into their bellies everyday. The spinach is invisible to the eye and to the taste buds, yet it's vitamins and minerals are still doing their thing!

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