Bordem, Bed rest, and a Loving Family

My last blog entry was quite a while ago. But I have a good excuse: Two Mondays ago I ended up in the hospital in preterm labor. Just one day shy of being 30 weeks pregnant and they found me to be 3-4 cm and contracting regularly. After torturing me with various needles in the forms of a huge IV and several meds that had to be given by injection, plus a foley cath in my bladder they were able to stop the contractions. I stayed for 2 days and then got sent home on bed rest and medication to keep the contractions away. Now the only excitement in life are homeschooling from the couch and my weekly doctor's appointments.

As a mommy of 3 this could be a very sticky situation. But my loving family has been so helpful. My mom, sister, and sister-in-law have formed a team to deliver meals to us 3 times per week. My best friend also made us a scrumptious lasagna dinner and one to freeze for later. Scotty has been flexing his mom muscles, trying to keep up with the laundry, shopping, and other various chores. The kids haven't complained once about having to wait on me when I need something. And my mom has been wonderful to keep the kids for us every week for my appointments. I am blessed indeed.

The curtains for the nursery that I planned to make will have to wait. For now I will have to suppress my nesting instinct and just be satisfied to sit/lie on the couch and be lazy....and bored. After walking on the treadmill 10- 20 miles per week for the last several months I am very surprised that exercise is one of the things I miss the most. As soon as they take me off bed rest (in 3 more weeks) I plan to get right back on that treadmill and walk like crazy!

It is overwhelming to have a family that is so thoughtful and loving. I feel so well taken care of and blessed and loved.

Documenting day 1: bored already.
My baby is sad that I can't lift or carry her. But we can still snuggle.

Scotty borrowed a wheelchair from an elderly neighbor so he could take me outside for some fresh air this weekend. A kind gesture, but he got a little too much enjoyment out of how ridiculous I felt.

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