During this last trimester I have developed polyhydramnios which simply means I have extra amniotic fluid. In this case, a WHOLE LOT of extra amniotic fluid. Like as in twice the normal amount. So far it has only meant that I measure ahead of my dates. But the last few days I have begun to feel like a water balloon that cannot hold anymore water! When it breaks it's gonna be a tidal wave! Although this condition can indicate certain birth defects, in our case the baby looks to be just fine. My first baby had extra fluid as well, and he was healthy and fine. Many cases of polyhydramnios are of an unexplanined cause. So, basically I have an extra huge and round belly (I feel like the girl from Willy Wonka) and my baby has a big pool to swim in. I hope he comes soon because I'm starting to feel like I'm slowly being suffocated from the inside.

On the up side, all this fluid makes for some GREAT ultra-sound pics! Our doctor's office recently got new u/s equipment that is capeable of 4D imaging. However, it costs something like $150.00 for a 20 minute scan. So we were shocked and happily surprised when they gave us a good long 4D peak at our baby (including pics) during a rountine non-4D scan to measure fluid levels and check on baby. The high fluid made me the perfect test subject for them to practice their new equipment on! :-) I was happy to be their gunea pig in this case. It is amazing to see our baby that clearly while he is still in the womb! Check out these chubby cheeks>



This was taken 2 weeks ago!

Trying not to be in panic mode is proving to be a challenge. With each passing day my baby is getting bigger and bigger and still there are NO signs of labor starting. Why? Why did I lie around for 6 weeks on bed rest, taking pills around the clock to stop contractions? Dang it! I even gained 12 stinkin pounds during those 6 weeks!! And now that bed rest is over....nothing. I've been on the treadmill everyday. Nothing. No pains to speak of. I've never wanted to be in agony so badly in my life. Baby Asher needs to come on and be born before he gets any bigger, causing more suffering than is necessary.

You might think I am being ridiculous or just plain impatient. But for a mom who has had a very large baby that caused horrific damage which almost cost me a trip to the O.R. to have it repaired, 2 hours of stitches, and weeks and weeks of VERY painful recovery, I never wanna go through that again!! I don't wanna be a Frankenbooty again- all stitched up in places you never thought would see a needle and thread. Places that never SHOULD see a needle and thread. YIKES! The thought of it makes me wanna go run on the treadmill again...

So, come on out, baby Asher! We wanna see you before you outgrow your newborn clothes and diapers.