Handy Little Cones

These go over a baby boy's "spout" while you change his diaper, to protect you from getting sprayed. SO SO easy to make! Also, they didn't cost me a dime since I used fabric scraps and a washcloth. Here is the tutorail: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2009/08/wee-wee-wigwam.html (I cut up a washcloth to line mine because it seems like it would be more absorbent than fleece.)


Unwanted Facial Hair?

Ever since my youngest daughter was two years old she would mention my "mush-tash" from time to time. It was funny, but also kinda hard to hear. I mean, I know I have some peach fuzz on my top lip, but if a baby is noticing and calling it a mustache then maybe I need to look into a waxing procedure.

Today she drew a picture of me. I pointed to a circle at the bottom of my face and asked what it was. She told me it was my mush-tash. :-( Great. Now I'm thinking she means beard and I must not be noticing the apparently large quantity of unwanted facial hair I must be sporting. Kids notice everything, so I'm feeling really insecure for a second....
then, come to find out- "mush-tash" is what she calls a CHIN! Just a smooth, flesh chin.

Whew! What a relief.



Change is usually scary to me. I don't like it- no, I don't! But lots of changes have happened lately in our lives and still more yet to come. So far I'm coping pretty well and have learned something: life is change after change. Better get used to it, Self.