100 Things

A blogging friend challenged her readers to think of 100 things they love about their husbands and blog it. Pssshhht. You call that a challenge? It's on...

100 Things I Love About Scotty:

1. He is a fox, of course.

2. He loves funny movies.

3. He acts out scenes from his favorite movies or events to entertain us at family gatherings.

4. His ears are cute.

5. He is a freak of nature in a good way because he never smells! No bad breath (even in the morning), no stinky feet, no B.O.

6. He doesn't think I'm weird for sniffing him to see if he stinks.

7. He doesn't think I'm weird for any of the weird stuff I do.

8. His eyes are the most lovely, unusually beautiful color of light, ocean green or blue... depending on what he is wearing.

9. Everyone (almost) he meets likes him right away.

10. He is a people person.

11. He is not quick to judge.

12. I can depend on him when it really counts.

13. His feet are really nice looking when he trims his toenails.

14. He looks great in flip-flops.

15. He never, ever missed a single one of my ob appointment with all 4 of our pregnancies.

16. He will go shopping for clothes with me and doesn't seem to hate it too much.

17. He loves to give gifts, small and big.

18. His laid back-ness is a good balance to my overly anxious tendencies.

19. He has never hesitated to change a baby diaper- no matter the filling.

20. He fell in love with our first baby in a way that surprised me and made me fall in love with him even more.

21. He never complains even though, Lord knows, there would be plenty to complain about!

22. He shares whatever he has.

23. He gives money to bums.

24. Kids love him, although some fear his beard.

25. He's tall.

26. He writes poems...but only for me.

27. He doesn't mind cooking dinner when I don't feel like it.

28. He NEVER badgers me. Even though he probably should sometimes.

29. He kindly and lovingly will not let me get away with being mean/wrong/bratty, thus saving me from myself.

30. He puts us before himself. ie: He is the last one to get new shoes.

31. He couldn't care less about other people's opinion of him- good or bad.

32. He is amazingly self-confident without even a hint of conceit or vanity.

33. He usually laughs at the hilarious things I say.

34. Sometimes his eyes twinkle.

35. He was the cutest baby!

36. He lets me pick the paint colors.

37. He never gives up until the job is done.

38. He is the hardest worker I know.

39. He takes a sincere interest in our children's interests.

40. He encourages them to do their best.

41. He is all about giving the benefit of the doubt.

42. He will return things for me if I really, really want him to.

43. He always drives.

44. He buckles the baby in and out.

45. He wears the baby in the front carrier because he likes to.

46. He will carry a pink diaper bag without thinking twice about it.

47. He lets me sit in the office chair when we are looking on the computer together.

48. He like to do puzzles with me on the computer.

49. He likes to play games like Connect 4, Guess Who, and Uno with me after the kids go to bed.

50. He jumps on the trampoline with the kids and has even been seen jumping on it alone.

51. He tries to get me to jump on the trampoline with him.

52. He vacuums.

53. He will clean the tile in the shower as a surprise.

54. He will remove all the toys and rinse out the tub so I can take a bath.

55. He's athletic. (I had to put this for #55)

56. He handles the bills.

57. He once stopped by a thrift store and bought me a hospital grade breast pump for $15.00.

58. Every year for my birthday he takes me shopping at my favorite thrift stores , even though he does NOT like to go.

59. He always finds the best things while we are there, even though he does NOT like to go.

60. It was his idea to take each child on a trip for their 10th birthday- just them and dad.

61. He won't let you give up.

62. He is an emotional rock.

63. He is kind.

64. He has an easy swagger.

65. He has an internal GPS.

66. He lets me hold the remote. Usually.

67. He can be very tender hearted.

68. He is unusually unselfish.

69. He holds hands with me all the time.

70. He still likes toys and has no problem taking one away from a kid to try it out.

71. During a meal, he will gladly hold the fussy baby and eat with one hand so I don't have to.

72. He has never once complained about having to go to work even during periods of heavy over-time.

73. Breaking the stereotype about sick men being the biggest babies- he never, ever complains when he is sick.

74. He RARELY gets sick. This is one healthy man.

75. He loves to clean out the kid's ears.

76. He has never slept on the couch because he absolutely refuses to allow us to sleep apart.

77. He can type really fast.

78. There might not be a mean bone in his body.

79. He is stubborn in his convictions and won't back down from his beliefs.

80. He calls me and our daughters his girls.

81. He is strong, yet gentle.

82. Providing for his family is important to him.

83. His patience abounds.

84. He loves music.

85. He LOVES to sing- anywhere, anytime, all the time!

86. He is calm in a crisis and knows what to do.

87. He has beautiful skin.

88. He is trustworthy.

89. He trusts me.

90. He can break it down and always dances at weddings. If the wedding has dancing, that is.

91. He can and will fix almost anything around the house.

92. He watches over our elderly next door neighbor and helps her in any way he can.

93. He truly cares for the people he loves.

94. He has math skills.

95. He finds all the good bargains. This manly man once came home from Target with a bunch of clothing for our daughter that he carefully selected from the clearance rack in the little girl's department.

96. He is predictable, yet occasionally does things that really surprise me. (See numbers 20, 26, 57, and 95.)

97. His life is a good example for his sons.

98. He loves the truth, prays for us, and seeks his Creator.

99. He reads the Bible to us each week and teaches his children to know the One, true, living God.

100. Yeshua's love shines in him because he loves his Savior.


  1. Heidi, that is awesome! You are so blessed. I'm going to do that for Adam now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This was a great post, Heidi!! Glad you took on the challenge! :)

  3. I just read your list. Scotty did turn out to be an awesome man (as are all my sons),but Scotty is more like his dad than Shannon and PW. There are a couple of differences though. Gary won't dance, sing. It doesn't bother him to carry addison's doll to the Waffle House. He got the ear cleaning from me. The kids would beg me to clean out their ears when they were little - ok, until they graduated from high school. Probably got his singing from me too!!!