You just don't even know how long and how much I had looked forward to this trip. We planned and saved for it for months, but dreamed and talked about it for the last 2 years. All of the tough stuff life has thrown at us lately just made our vacation that much more desperately longed for. So the day finally came to get on the road to the beach and our very special family vacation.

The ocean was beautiful. The campground was wonderful. The kids had a blast...all except for little Mr. Asher Daniel who decided that this vacation was a major cramp in his stay-at-home style and cried endlessly and refused to nap or sleep at night for more than a couple of hours. The amount of crying, fussing, screaming, and squealing we endured over those six days was traumatic. The lack of sleep was horrifying. Oh my!

There were wonderful moments and memories on this trip which I will enjoy thinking back on. However, I have probably never been so happy to get home and put that baby in his own crib where he badly wanted to be and where he slept for 12 hours straight.

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