Making Stuff

Ever since I can remember creativity has been in me. The best thing, when I was a little kid, was a blank sheet of paper on which to draw and a pen. The back of junk mail, bank envelopes, the inside cover of coloring books, and even the inside of gum wrappers were my canvases. Art was my favorite class in school, by far. All my life I have loved to draw and make stuff.

But for the last couple of years that creativity has been all bottled up. Being a mom has kept me very busy and even overwhelmed at times. The best I have been able to manage is an occasional, little sewing project here and there.

Apparently all that craftiness and creativity could be contained no more and has bubbled over, because I have been making stuff and working on projects left and right lately. It is good to be back at it and making things again.

If you have a creative bone in your body, an itch to make something, paint something, sew something, draw something....Do it! Make time to create.

Here is a small sampling:

Favorite sewing project- my new cute apron

Painted for my girl's room at a painting class I took with my friend. What fun!

Eliana's Weather Window

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