Scrap Skirts

An idea has been forming in my mind for a couple of days, but no time to stop and really plan it out or actually make it happen. Finally, yesterday afternoon, I had some free time so I headed out to my fabric scraps and grabbed a stack to make these skirts. There were lots of scraps from other sewing projects piled up. Each piece was too much fabric to throw out, yet not quite enough to make anything out of. I started by making a simple, wedge-shaped pattern piece on wrapping paper. Then I cut out several wedges from any fabric scrap that was big enough, pinned them together, sewed them together, added a waist band and threaded ribbon through to make a drawstring waist, then hemmed the skirt with double fold bias tape. Each skirt took less than 2 hours. My first plan was to add patch pockets, but then the girls and I decided we liked the option of spinning the skirt so that any part of it could be the front. The bow (from the drawstring) can be worn in the front, back, or on either side. These are so cute and colorful and comfy and, perhaps best of all, just about ANY shirt will match!

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