The Story of The Perfect Baby Bib (if I do say so myself)

Once upon a time a young mother was browsing at her favorite local thrift store when she found the perfect baby bib. But, alas, as the years went by, the baby bib became worn out from overuse and was cast into the trash. Lamenting her foolishness for not making a pattern from the perfect baby bib before tossing it out, she began searching in all the land to see if such a pattern existed. Many years passed and the sought after pattern eluded the now, not-so-young mother. And then, one day, there it was! A free tutorial for the "Bapron" (also known as the perfect baby bib) flashed upon her computer screen, ending her search and filling her heart with glee.

The End


But wait! There's more...
While mind planning this sewing project I had a genius moment: Why not make the bib adjustable (not to mention easier to sew), by making a casing at the shoulder for the ties to slide into? And furthermore, why not line it with the same fabric (or some cute coordinating fabric), making it reversible, thereby eliminating the worry of stains ruining your masterpiece!! HA! By jingo, I think I've got it- the PERFECT baby bib!!

Ta-Da!! This was my prototype made with *blushing, hanging head, and mumbling* store bought bias tape. Future bibs will be made with totally adorable and custom made bias tape. Hopefully.

*in Barry White voice* Awwwww, yeahhhh. Reversible in case of staining. Perfect.

Ties slide into casing, making the "pbb" fully adjustible for any size baby or toddler (or preschooler)


  1. I agree with what you so say. This is perfect!!!

  2. I LOVE that you made it adjustable. Brilliant!

  3. Collin *loves* his bib. When it's time to eat, he sticks his arms straight out to get his bib on now. :)

  4. I love what you did is regulated. Bravo!Baby Bibs