- Preschool Bible lesson was to retell, in her own words, the story of Adam and Eve that she learned earlier in the week. "...then, they ate the fruit, and then they got nekkid...." 

-"Mom, you are a real good forgetter", says Ellie often.

-Riding in the car to deliver Granny Beck's new puppy, the 3 big kids have him lying across their 3 laps so they could all hold and pet him. Ellie asks if she can have a turn holding him by herself and Sunny replies, "Ellie, you have the head. And that's a really good part."

-Micah hands Asher a bagel. He looks at it, shakes his head "no" and says, "Cheese. On it. Cheese. On it." Which translates to: "Bubba, you forgot to put cream cheese on my bagel. Therefore, I am rejecting it until you do so."

- Me, listing what's for lunch, "PB&H sandwiches, apple slices, and Pirate's Booty." (a brand of cheese puffies) Micah repeats back- "sandwiches, apples..." and Ellie chimes in, "And Pirate's Booties!"

-I grab a Q-tip and tell Asher to come get his ears cleaned out. He points into his ear canal, shakes his head no, and says, "No... boogers... in it."

-Caught Asher picking his nose and told him not to do that. He held up his little finger with a little boogie on it and told me, "Got....booger....out."


8 Crazy Nights

     It's that time of year again. Time to start thinking of/planning the family activities we will enjoy during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

     Here, it is not a time to replace that "other" day we < clearing throat and mumbling in shame > used to celebrate :-/ It is a time of learning a history lesson with a big message of dedication to The Word. Of clinging to our Creator even in the face of great danger. Of never, ever compromising by bowing down or worshipping another. These are the lessons we celebrate when we study and remember Hanukkah.

     Over the last few years our observance has slowly (ever so slowly) taken shape as we carefully (ever so carefully) looked into this holiday. We don't celebrate in the traditional way of lighting candles and giving gifts and such, but rather read and talk about the events that happened, as well as do something together on each of the 8 days or nights. Carefully and soberly we have come to celebrate things that are not specifically given in the Word by the Mouth of our Creator. So, we are still learning, always. But, at the present moment this is where we are, thinking up our activities for this year- we love to mix it up! Here is a sampling of some things we have done before:

Donuts in Pajamas- put them to bed and then go back and say, "Just kidding! Get in the car we're going to Krispy Kreme."

Pizza Night- they make their own personal pizza.

Popcorn and a Movie- and don't forget to turn off all the lights so it's like a real theatre.

Baking Treats- our kids love to bake and the messier the better.

Fire Pit- they just love to build a fire and hang out around it.

Game Night- they each choose a game and we play 2 rounds, then top it off with some Apples to Apples.

Craft Night- again with the messy fun.

and their all time favorite...

Scavenger Hunt Night- they figure out clues that lead to a prize. These can have a theme and some clues can be hard. ;-)

We try to come up with some different things to do each year so they'll be surprised. They never know ahead of time which activity is coming. I wonder what we'll think of this year. Pinterest may come in handy.

What about you? Do you celebrate Hanukkah?



My child is not terrible. It's just the age (and he's not even 2 yet!!). He's the first one to really lay it on us. Never did any of our older children squeeeeeeeaaaaaaal in the shopping cart without dread of mom's paddle. Never did they stare us down with the meanest face they could muster. Never did they flop onto their belly if they didn't get their way or cover their eyes with their fat little hands if they didn't like what we said. Oh, my little boy! He does all of this and more. The worst is probably the glass shattering squeal/scream or scream/cry that he does in protest. It's always shocking...and ear piercing. He is quite demanding. These are all things we are working on with him.

Mean monster face from telling him to sit in a chair with his banana. Yep.

Entitled "Asher Screaming" by 4 year old sister
Poem for Asher

Terrible Twos give me the blues.
Grouchy baby! Teething, maybe?
Mom is reeling from the squealing.
Dad is sighing from the crying.
Stubborn stops and kicks and chops.
Lollipop! No? Belly flop.
Fanny pops for belly flops.
Stay consistent, though 3 seems distant!
Kind embraces & Love erases
 mean demands and angry faces.
On the bright side, he is obedient, cuddly, and kind. He is gentle to people and animals. He is helpful, curious, and very funny. He is not hyper, wild, violent, or destructive (whew!! so grateful for that!) We're taking on the challenge of training a little man. YHVH, be with us!


All Cooped Up

When we first decided to get chickens Scotty built this handy dandy chicken tractor. It could be moved around the yard so they would always have fresh grass. It had a door on the little coop to collect the eggs. It was perfect for our first little flock of 4.

But we raised our next flock by hand from 2 days old and we fell in love.... this spring, we got even more peeps. Soon our flock had outgrown their little home.

some of our "big girls"

banty rooster, Scrappy & hens, Lucy and Strawberry Love (guess which one was named by a 4 yr. old girl)

Colonel Sanders & Sassy

Scotty decided to fence in a big section of yard for them and then got to work on a proper coop.
He worked most everyday until dark, all summer, after getting home from a long day at work. He even painstakingly custom cut scalloped trim for the roof and windows just for me.
It's getting there!

The final step was installing the automatic door.


A job well done!

We all love the new coop- especially it's occupants! Now they have plenty of room to roost and lay their eggs and safety from hungry predators at night. Scotty built it on huge casters in case we ever need to move it. It's cute. It's colorful. It puts the fun in functional. It might be the best chicken coop in the whole wide world.

We think so, anyway.


- Baby boy is hating swim lessons. He cries the whole time and inhales gallons of water. He stiffens his legs and refuses to kick or close his mouth. When it is over he cannot get out of that pool fast enough. Walking to the car he mumbles to himself, "Wah-Wah. Wah-Wah." while shaking his head NO.

- They couldn't find the band aids when Eli stepped on a toy and "hurt" her foot, so nurse Sunny wrapped a napkin around it and then wrapped and pinned a crochet beard as a bandage. Resourceful, ain't she?

- Ever since learning to swim, Eli has been asking non-stop to go to a pool. Any pool. Everyday she wants to go see "Granny Back" (Granny Beck) to go swimming. Earlier this week she asked, "When are we gonna live in a hotel again?"

- Eli's thoughts while studying the giant bull skull hanging on the wall at a Mexican restaurant:
"I know it's real cause its eyes are poked out. I think they poked them out with a sword or a knife and threw them outside. Or dug a hole and buried them. Then they cut the lip off its mouth. Poor moose!"

-The girls were discussing chores they could do for money. Eli- "We could rake the leaves and..."

Sunny, interrupting- "No, Eli. The rake has poison ivy on it and we're not allowed to touch it."

Eli, continuing, unfazed- "We could pick that off with gloves and..."

Sunny, interrupting again- "No, it has the oils on it."

Eli, pressing on- "Well, we can get Bub to pee on it, then we can rake the leaves..."

(Micah once urinated on some poison ivy which reportedly killed it. This is the stuff of legends.)



*We love them all the same, but the 4 year old is at the age where she says most of the funny stuff around here...

- Upon hearing that daddy had decided to sell our pop-up camper, Eli's shoulders fell and her arms hung at her sides like Magilla Gorilla. She was deflated at the sad news. "Dad! Please don't sell it away!" Dad does some fast talking, trying to explain his decision/promise of an even better camper to a 4 year old. She was having none of it. "Dad! Why are you selling it away? It IS my camper!"

- On the first day of swim lessons, in an attempt to delay going under water, Eli kept chatting with her teacher, hoping to keep her in conversation so she would forget to dunk her. When she realized it wasn't going to work she blurted out frantically as she was going under, "BUT I'M JUST A LITTLE KID!!!"

- My son (age 13) was told to cover a partial can of dog food and put it into the fridge. Later, as I was closing the fridge door, I glimpsed something that caused me to do a double take. Classic Micah. He had covered the can with an empty bread bag and then secured it by stretching one of his sister's hot pink socks over the top. Guess I should have specified: foil or cling wrap!

- Me- "Micah, please change your brother."
Him- "But mom! It's a dung diaper!!"

- Me- "Dad already salted the broccoli."
Eli- "But it doesn't feel salty when I eat it."

- Trying to blow the shofar
Eli- "Do I just blow all of my air into here?"

-Upon seeing a deer's head mounted on a wall.
Eli- "Is that moose real?"
Me- "Yes. It's a deer."
Eli- (cautiously moves closer for a better look) "Did they cut it's body off?"


Fifteen years

Year one (1997) - Newlywed bliss! Getting the hang of being married and having fun fixing up our cute little house.

Year two- Baby on board! Making our way through the adventures of the first pregnancy.

Year three- Being parents is the most amazing thing we've done so far. SO much fun (and just a little stress thrown in when he fights sleep)! We are crazy about our little boy. A dishwasher gets installed and life is good!

Year four- Baby is walking, money is tight, we sometimes fight over flag football, but, like the grass in our little yard and our precious boy, our love is still growing!

Year five- Another baby on the way! Excitement runs high, money runs LOW. We can make it through with a smile. Red letter day when we get a/c in our little house!

Year six- Welcome baby girl and big brother falls madly in love- we all do. Life is even sweeter now.

Year seven- He's a big boy, and off to preschool. Baby sister is walking. Daddy buys a new house. We move.

Year eight- Kindergarten and peewee football bring big changes to our daily schedule. Our new friends are the best! Daddy gets a pay cut at work and money is tight again. We can make it through...with a smile? Yes.

Year nine- Major changes as we study the Bible with new eyes. Out with the old, in with the new. Keeping the Sabbath and Feast days blesses us deeply.

Year ten- Homeschooling begins! Baby #3, whom we thought was never gonna be, is on the  way! Enjoying daddy's work schedule (4 days on, 3 days off), our friends, our studies, fun trips, life is good!

Year eleven- Starting all over with our precious tiny baby is fun! Drifting apart from our dear friends is not. Something in the wind smells like more changes. By His grace, still holding tight to the Word.

Year twelve- Money is tight. We're gonna be alright. making it through homeschooling year three and it's getting so much better! Scotty makes a schoolroom of the back porch. Baby, after battling Kawasaki's disease, is on the mend and doing fine. Even started walking!

Year thirteen- Surprise! Baby #4 is on the way! Daddy starts school and training for A/P license. We don't see much of him. It is hard. Money is tighter than ever before. Losing friends hurts so much. Pregnancy is hard. Baby finally comes and we love him so. But life is rough this year. Dark. We hold onto the only Light as tightly as we can.

Year fourteen- Things are getting better and Daddy is done with school. Earned his license and gets a raise. Working night shift for the first time ever. It starts out horrible, for those of us at home, and then gets gradually easier. But still rough. Life has changed a lot for us, but we've still got each other. We hold on tight.

Year fifteen- Moving forward and staying positive cause what else can we do? Things are getting better. Everyone is healthy, growing. We are grateful for many, many blessings. Learning to accept change. Finally, Daddy goes back on day shift. Oh, happy day!! After 18 months of working nights, this is a huge relief and a major blessing. Still holding on, still in love. Still so blessed to be Mrs. Scotty Fitzgibbon.

The good, the bad, the ugly...I'll take it all as long as I've got you.


Thrift Love

Since looking at other people's thrift/yard sale finds is really fun (to me, anyway), here are a few of the recent lovelies that I've come across:

First off: This vintage Cozy Coupe for only $3.03! Asher hasn't gotten out of it much since we brought it home. His legs are too short to really move it much, but that seems to be ok with him. He's happy just to sit in it for long periods of time. Daddy plans to trick it out for him with some plastic spray paint and such. It's gonna be sa-weet! 
These 2 milk glass plates caught my eye and the price was right at just 99 cents each! Maybe I'll weave some pretty ribbon through the edges and hang them on the wall.

And finally.....the Queen Mother of all thrift finds........ this last treasure deserves a drum roll, please......seriously.....you won't even believe it......ready??.......

Here it is! Go ahead, feast your eyes on this cotton candy for a minute. I'll wait........
Can you even believe someone would donate such a creation? It is queen sized and 100% hand quilted and in perfect condition. It feels and looks brand new. When I saw this peeking out at me from among the ratty sleeping bags and Golden Girls comforters at our local thrift I just knew it was too good to be true. Then, when the cashier rung it up (for $24.99!!!), she took 50% off!!! Scotty's grandmother, who has been quilting for decades, told him that these Cathedral Window quilts take at least 2 years to finish- and that is if you work on it everyday! I don't know who cast this off to the thrift, but it is now highly respected, by its new owners, for the piece of art that it is. Here's a closer look:
I'm loving all the colors. In all my years of thrifting this has to be in the top 2 amazing finds.

Stay tuned for more thrift goodness that has yet to make it to my memory card, including a highchair and something mod and pink and fantastic!



*On a recent road trip, we were using our GPS to look for a Steak N Shake at Micah's request for his birthday dinner. Scotty was impatiently asking if I had typed in the specific name of the restaurant, and I snapped back, "Yes! I know how to spell steak and I know how to spell shake!" Sunny, trying to lighten the mood, pipes up, "But do you know how to spell {insert N sound}?" Hysterical back seat giggles followed.

* I found a hair brush duck taped to the end of a sizable stick/branch on the living room floor and questioned Micah about it. (I knew it had to be him) He proudly explained that he had fashioned himself a back scratcher when his sisters refused to scratch it for him.

* At the post office with all 4 kids, an employee struck up a conversation with Micah who was rolling Asher around in the stroller. They chatted while I mailed my package and bought some stamps. As we were walking out she rushed over to stop me and gush about how good my kids are and how much she thought of Micah. Getting in the car he gave me a nudge, wink, and smugly said, "I hooked you up with some great compliments there- huh, Mom?" ~wink, wink~

*After making a giant paper airplane by taping several sheets of paper together and folding it just so, he asked if I would put his design on Pinterest so other boys could make themselves a cool giant plane. It did fly awesome!

*We went to purchase some hens from an elderly gentleman who had many, many, many different breeds of chickens. He proceeded to give Scotty a thorough education on each and every breed while we waited. After this had gone on for a good half hour, Eli looks up at me and loudly says, "Mom, this is boring!"

*The kids and I went out to lunch and then had ice cream cones. We were trying to teach Asher how to lick his and he finally caught on. The next morning I served him a plate of watermelon cubes for breakfast. He looked at them for a moment and then leaned down and started licking them.


Chicken Love

This little backyard flock is thoroughly entertaining.Who knew chickens were so lovable? Each one has a name and personality. They love to be talked to and petted and told how lovely they are. Papa, Mama, Shaya, Runt, and Miss Cookie are our big girls that have been laying for us for over a year now. Our new babies, Buffy, Mr. Dangles, Penny, Polk Dot, Violet, Midnight, Mike, Betsy, Milton, Molly, Tootsie, Barbara, and Magnolia (Maggie), are growing fast and spending these warm days outside. (Mr. Dangles is looking for a good home since he turned out to be an aggressive/BIG rooster. Mike and Milton get to stay with us since they are tiny little mini breeds that are so cute, sweet, and not very loud.) Soon we will have LOTS of [free range, soy free, organic] eggs.

Baby Barbara- the Barred Rock- has an O on her little fanny

Our big girls

I heart Milton!

Not lacking attention or affection :-)


One pic

Ok. So, I promised to put up some pics soon. Here's the thing...we got this new computer, see, cause our old one was super old, for a computer, (7 years old, to be exact) and now I don't know how to work it- new robot that it is. I don't do well with new robots.
However, I have been sewing and having fun making clothes for my littlest lady and aprons for ma-self and I really do plan on posting pics just as soon as I can finish it all and pose it all and photograph it all and download it all and post it all. Hmmmmm....it may be a little while yet. ;-)
For now, here is a pic I took of our Omer Counter and it just happens to include Eli in one of her new dresses.


We're Still Here

It's a good day for a blog entry! Excuse my absence. I'm not a very good blog keeper-upper.

Quick update:

12 year old boy: nearing the end of 7th grade/creative to a fault/fighting pollen attack

9 year old girl: almost 10!/counting down to birthday and NYC trip with daddy/caring for new baby chicks

4 year old girl: loving sand box/looking forward to swim lessons/almost murdered baby chick (involuntary chickslaughter)

1 year old: walking everywhere/hitting and saying, "Bad! Bad!" :-(/ enjoying cars, dogs, and outside.

Husband: going back to day shift!!! (Yes, it deserves 3 exclamation points! :-))/building chicken yard and enlarging chicken family/working hard

Self: being a mom and teacher/sewing/planning and daydreaming summer projects

How's that for a nutshell update? Pics coming soon!