We're Still Here

It's a good day for a blog entry! Excuse my absence. I'm not a very good blog keeper-upper.

Quick update:

12 year old boy: nearing the end of 7th grade/creative to a fault/fighting pollen attack

9 year old girl: almost 10!/counting down to birthday and NYC trip with daddy/caring for new baby chicks

4 year old girl: loving sand box/looking forward to swim lessons/almost murdered baby chick (involuntary chickslaughter)

1 year old: walking everywhere/hitting and saying, "Bad! Bad!" :-(/ enjoying cars, dogs, and outside.

Husband: going back to day shift!!! (Yes, it deserves 3 exclamation points! :-))/building chicken yard and enlarging chicken family/working hard

Self: being a mom and teacher/sewing/planning and daydreaming summer projects

How's that for a nutshell update? Pics coming soon!

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