Chicken Love

This little backyard flock is thoroughly entertaining.Who knew chickens were so lovable? Each one has a name and personality. They love to be talked to and petted and told how lovely they are. Papa, Mama, Shaya, Runt, and Miss Cookie are our big girls that have been laying for us for over a year now. Our new babies, Buffy, Mr. Dangles, Penny, Polk Dot, Violet, Midnight, Mike, Betsy, Milton, Molly, Tootsie, Barbara, and Magnolia (Maggie), are growing fast and spending these warm days outside. (Mr. Dangles is looking for a good home since he turned out to be an aggressive/BIG rooster. Mike and Milton get to stay with us since they are tiny little mini breeds that are so cute, sweet, and not very loud.) Soon we will have LOTS of [free range, soy free, organic] eggs.

Baby Barbara- the Barred Rock- has an O on her little fanny

Our big girls

I heart Milton!

Not lacking attention or affection :-)

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