*On a recent road trip, we were using our GPS to look for a Steak N Shake at Micah's request for his birthday dinner. Scotty was impatiently asking if I had typed in the specific name of the restaurant, and I snapped back, "Yes! I know how to spell steak and I know how to spell shake!" Sunny, trying to lighten the mood, pipes up, "But do you know how to spell {insert N sound}?" Hysterical back seat giggles followed.

* I found a hair brush duck taped to the end of a sizable stick/branch on the living room floor and questioned Micah about it. (I knew it had to be him) He proudly explained that he had fashioned himself a back scratcher when his sisters refused to scratch it for him.

* At the post office with all 4 kids, an employee struck up a conversation with Micah who was rolling Asher around in the stroller. They chatted while I mailed my package and bought some stamps. As we were walking out she rushed over to stop me and gush about how good my kids are and how much she thought of Micah. Getting in the car he gave me a nudge, wink, and smugly said, "I hooked you up with some great compliments there- huh, Mom?" ~wink, wink~

*After making a giant paper airplane by taping several sheets of paper together and folding it just so, he asked if I would put his design on Pinterest so other boys could make themselves a cool giant plane. It did fly awesome!

*We went to purchase some hens from an elderly gentleman who had many, many, many different breeds of chickens. He proceeded to give Scotty a thorough education on each and every breed while we waited. After this had gone on for a good half hour, Eli looks up at me and loudly says, "Mom, this is boring!"

*The kids and I went out to lunch and then had ice cream cones. We were trying to teach Asher how to lick his and he finally caught on. The next morning I served him a plate of watermelon cubes for breakfast. He looked at them for a moment and then leaned down and started licking them.

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  1. Those were great!! Love it! I can SO picture Micah being proud of earning you some compliments! :)