*We love them all the same, but the 4 year old is at the age where she says most of the funny stuff around here...

- Upon hearing that daddy had decided to sell our pop-up camper, Eli's shoulders fell and her arms hung at her sides like Magilla Gorilla. She was deflated at the sad news. "Dad! Please don't sell it away!" Dad does some fast talking, trying to explain his decision/promise of an even better camper to a 4 year old. She was having none of it. "Dad! Why are you selling it away? It IS my camper!"

- On the first day of swim lessons, in an attempt to delay going under water, Eli kept chatting with her teacher, hoping to keep her in conversation so she would forget to dunk her. When she realized it wasn't going to work she blurted out frantically as she was going under, "BUT I'M JUST A LITTLE KID!!!"

- My son (age 13) was told to cover a partial can of dog food and put it into the fridge. Later, as I was closing the fridge door, I glimpsed something that caused me to do a double take. Classic Micah. He had covered the can with an empty bread bag and then secured it by stretching one of his sister's hot pink socks over the top. Guess I should have specified: foil or cling wrap!

- Me- "Micah, please change your brother."
Him- "But mom! It's a dung diaper!!"

- Me- "Dad already salted the broccoli."
Eli- "But it doesn't feel salty when I eat it."

- Trying to blow the shofar
Eli- "Do I just blow all of my air into here?"

-Upon seeing a deer's head mounted on a wall.
Eli- "Is that moose real?"
Me- "Yes. It's a deer."
Eli- (cautiously moves closer for a better look) "Did they cut it's body off?"

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