All Cooped Up

When we first decided to get chickens Scotty built this handy dandy chicken tractor. It could be moved around the yard so they would always have fresh grass. It had a door on the little coop to collect the eggs. It was perfect for our first little flock of 4.

But we raised our next flock by hand from 2 days old and we fell in love.... this spring, we got even more peeps. Soon our flock had outgrown their little home.

some of our "big girls"

banty rooster, Scrappy & hens, Lucy and Strawberry Love (guess which one was named by a 4 yr. old girl)

Colonel Sanders & Sassy

Scotty decided to fence in a big section of yard for them and then got to work on a proper coop.
He worked most everyday until dark, all summer, after getting home from a long day at work. He even painstakingly custom cut scalloped trim for the roof and windows just for me.
It's getting there!

The final step was installing the automatic door.


A job well done!

We all love the new coop- especially it's occupants! Now they have plenty of room to roost and lay their eggs and safety from hungry predators at night. Scotty built it on huge casters in case we ever need to move it. It's cute. It's colorful. It puts the fun in functional. It might be the best chicken coop in the whole wide world.

We think so, anyway.


- Baby boy is hating swim lessons. He cries the whole time and inhales gallons of water. He stiffens his legs and refuses to kick or close his mouth. When it is over he cannot get out of that pool fast enough. Walking to the car he mumbles to himself, "Wah-Wah. Wah-Wah." while shaking his head NO.

- They couldn't find the band aids when Eli stepped on a toy and "hurt" her foot, so nurse Sunny wrapped a napkin around it and then wrapped and pinned a crochet beard as a bandage. Resourceful, ain't she?

- Ever since learning to swim, Eli has been asking non-stop to go to a pool. Any pool. Everyday she wants to go see "Granny Back" (Granny Beck) to go swimming. Earlier this week she asked, "When are we gonna live in a hotel again?"

- Eli's thoughts while studying the giant bull skull hanging on the wall at a Mexican restaurant:
"I know it's real cause its eyes are poked out. I think they poked them out with a sword or a knife and threw them outside. Or dug a hole and buried them. Then they cut the lip off its mouth. Poor moose!"

-The girls were discussing chores they could do for money. Eli- "We could rake the leaves and..."

Sunny, interrupting- "No, Eli. The rake has poison ivy on it and we're not allowed to touch it."

Eli, continuing, unfazed- "We could pick that off with gloves and..."

Sunny, interrupting again- "No, it has the oils on it."

Eli, pressing on- "Well, we can get Bub to pee on it, then we can rake the leaves..."

(Micah once urinated on some poison ivy which reportedly killed it. This is the stuff of legends.)