My child is not terrible. It's just the age (and he's not even 2 yet!!). He's the first one to really lay it on us. Never did any of our older children squeeeeeeeaaaaaaal in the shopping cart without dread of mom's paddle. Never did they stare us down with the meanest face they could muster. Never did they flop onto their belly if they didn't get their way or cover their eyes with their fat little hands if they didn't like what we said. Oh, my little boy! He does all of this and more. The worst is probably the glass shattering squeal/scream or scream/cry that he does in protest. It's always shocking...and ear piercing. He is quite demanding. These are all things we are working on with him.

Mean monster face from telling him to sit in a chair with his banana. Yep.

Entitled "Asher Screaming" by 4 year old sister
Poem for Asher

Terrible Twos give me the blues.
Grouchy baby! Teething, maybe?
Mom is reeling from the squealing.
Dad is sighing from the crying.
Stubborn stops and kicks and chops.
Lollipop! No? Belly flop.
Fanny pops for belly flops.
Stay consistent, though 3 seems distant!
Kind embraces & Love erases
 mean demands and angry faces.
On the bright side, he is obedient, cuddly, and kind. He is gentle to people and animals. He is helpful, curious, and very funny. He is not hyper, wild, violent, or destructive (whew!! so grateful for that!) We're taking on the challenge of training a little man. YHVH, be with us!

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