- Preschool Bible lesson was to retell, in her own words, the story of Adam and Eve that she learned earlier in the week. "...then, they ate the fruit, and then they got nekkid...." 

-"Mom, you are a real good forgetter", says Ellie often.

-Riding in the car to deliver Granny Beck's new puppy, the 3 big kids have him lying across their 3 laps so they could all hold and pet him. Ellie asks if she can have a turn holding him by herself and Sunny replies, "Ellie, you have the head. And that's a really good part."

-Micah hands Asher a bagel. He looks at it, shakes his head "no" and says, "Cheese. On it. Cheese. On it." Which translates to: "Bubba, you forgot to put cream cheese on my bagel. Therefore, I am rejecting it until you do so."

- Me, listing what's for lunch, "PB&H sandwiches, apple slices, and Pirate's Booty." (a brand of cheese puffies) Micah repeats back- "sandwiches, apples..." and Ellie chimes in, "And Pirate's Booties!"

-I grab a Q-tip and tell Asher to come get his ears cleaned out. He points into his ear canal, shakes his head no, and says, "No... boogers... in it."

-Caught Asher picking his nose and told him not to do that. He held up his little finger with a little boogie on it and told me, "Got....booger....out."

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